This is myKeychain

myKeychain is more than a simple hueless password manager - it's the perfect interaction between design and functionality of a password manager you've ever seen. It stores all of your passwords you'll need in one place, which you always have with you. It uses all features Apple have, to improve your daily life. Say goodbye to your password paper and say hello to myKeychain.

How it Works

Get started with myKeychain

You enter your password information

We encrypt your information with our 256-bit AES encryption

Passwords will be synchronized to all your devices

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Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

myKeychain stores securely your passwords on your iPhone or iPad. Just open myKeychain, enter your pin or use your fingerprint to authenticate and you'll see everything you need. You can immediately see if it's a login password, a credit card or just a pin. And of course you can see your security level.

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You have the control

With myKeychain you can see every activity made on your account - and your passwords. You can directly see what, who and when. And when you found someone who made a mysterious change, delete his device in the setting and he'll lose his access.

Secure Platform

Get directly information about who made a change on your account.

Delete Unknown Devices

Delete devices, you don't know, in your settings, so they'll lose their access.

Say What's Important

Search for a device, select which type you want to see and delete unimportant entries.

Be Notified

If we have some awesome news, you'll be notified. We won't spam you.

How it looks

Because you store your person - your passwords - your life in myKeychain, every entry is encrypted. We're using an 256-bit AES encryption, to make the information unreadable for hackers. So, your passwords are safe.

Pricing Guide

myKeychain is free to use for as long as you want



+ All password types

+ Password fill out in Safari

+ Spotlight Search

+ 256-bit AES encryption



+ Password synchronization with iCloud

+ Delete other devices on account

+ Cloud Activity

+ myKeychain on Apple Watch

+ Free of advertising

Premium has everything from Basic as well.

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